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At Home Parents
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Join us at employs mothers and fathers who have made the decision to remain at home to raise their children. Join us at allows them the opportunity to both remain the primary care-giver for their children, as well as make a contribution with their business and technical skills. Finally, Join us at allows these professional women and men the opportunity to remain current with the latest technologies.

Workers With Other Primary Jobs Join us at enables people who have other primary jobs to remain there, but to also gain experience in areas they cannot pursue between 9:00 and 5:00. Join us at allows them the opportunity to enhance their skills as a means to career transition, to pursue exciting technologies that interest them, or simply to earn additional income to pay for their "technological sweet tooth."

Part Time Workers Join us at enables people with Information Technology skills to contribute these skills on a part time basis. Some of our people simply want to work part time. They may be care givers for family members who have little time to themselves. And they are students who are still working their way through school. And they may be surfers who spend most of their day surfing the waves off a beach in California. Still others are artists who earn a living in Information Technology, and spend their free time creating beauty.

Does This Describe You? If these descriptions fit you, or you would simply like to exercie and enhance your own technical capabilities, then Join Us. Share your expertise with a company who appreciates you and your contributions. Join us at wants to work with you!

Our Key Personnel

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